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Welcome to
Motorcycle Rides

!!Under Construction!!

Some fine tuning is still being done to the Rides section, but it is in working order. The Free Motorcycle Classified Ads section is now running! The Registry section is currently being researched and developed. I would appreciate ideas for things or ways to enhance this site. Please E-mail me with any of these ideas or other suggestions. Thank you.

Our Purpose
To put motorcyclists in contact with other motorcyclists, to swap ideas, camaraderie, help and to generally enhance the sport.


Free Motorcycle Classifieds is now up and running. You can place or search the ads by category. Pictures are allowed. You can also use the built in search engine to quickly find the ads by particular details.

The Rides List is up and running!!
This rides list is in a searchable database of scheduled rides. You can use keywords just like with the search engines to fine tune the types of rides you want displayed.

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Sign-up to create your own user account in order to add, edit, or remove Motorcycle Rides on the list. Its easy, just pick a username and password and you're ready to go. This protects your ride information yet gives you a key to get back in if you need to make changes to your listed rides.

Motorcycle Club Links
We have a list of links to on-line Motorcycle clubs and organizations.

The Motorcyclist Registry is in the design phase. This is a list of names of motorcyclists along with information and/or help they care to share. The range of information is from just the name, to technical advice, to on the road help.


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